RuleUniverse [v0.21] [DrVision]


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Game Detail

In the game RuleUniverse (Rule Universe) you find yourself alone abandoned by your parents at an early age. Your life as a young student with excellent grades is about to be turned upside down by an unexpected encounter with a young demon scientist who manages to fuse the DNA of the universe’s strong warriors with yours.

And so begins your journey to become the guide of the universe.

– changed the image of the main room
– new Rose scenes
– new oracle fish scenes
– new main story
– development of a new type of combat: not yet completed and implemented.

  • Censorship:Censored
  • Language:English
  • Developer: DrVision
  • Platform:Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Store: Patreon
RuleUniverse [v0.21] [DrVision] rosehug
RuleUniverse [DrVision]
RuleUniverse [DrVision]
RuleUniverse [DrVision]
RuleUniverse [DrVision]

Please spend time to read FAQs before downloading!

download hentai game $Game_Name

Full Save Data:

Download at

Download Game:

Windows: Akira Box

Linux: Akira Box

Android: Akira Box

Game crash when you open ? Please read this !

Make sure you setting like this in WinRAR before extracting:

RuleUniverse [v0.21] [DrVision] extract error

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