What is password ?
The password right now is hentakugames.com, but just for sure, please check the download tab because most of old game posts are using hentaku.info as password(old domain).
Is this website free ?
Yes, but we use advertising to keep website alive
Is the download file safe ?
Yes, you can check the file with virustotal.com just for sure.
How To Download Game ?



DLL errors ?

FAQs dll erros

Just find the dll file on dll-files.com and download it, put it in your game folder and run the game.

Game require Japanese language ?

So you need to download Locale Emulator to fix this

Download link:

Download Page: https://xupefei.github.io/Locale-Emulator/

  1. After downloading, extract the file
  2. Run “LEInstaller.exe” and you can see the window of the program
  3. Click on Install as current user or Install for all users
  4. Go back games folder and right click on game file “.exe” and you can see Locale Emulator tab in menu and click on Run in Japanese
  5. Grab you tissue and enjoy
Error extract japanese game

Make sure you setting like this in WinRAR before extracting:

extract error


More questions? Comment below!


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1 year ago

discord server anytime soon?

10 months ago

i saw you changed the password shouldnt u change it here too?

5 months ago

the Locale Emulator download link is dead, can help to check about it?

2 months ago

Can you update? Isekai tenshou magical chinpo tsuika event DLC the LINK game pls?

Last edited 2 months ago by Diobradon