He Who Vowed to Create a Demon Harem (RJ344418)


DownloadHe Who Vowed to Create a Demon Harem (RJ344418)

What happens when a hero falls for the demons he’s supposed to destroy? Strange circumstances bring a human hero together with three demons, and the four of them set out on the adventure of a lifetime. They don’t work well together at first, but after a while (and with a little help from a special item), these old enemies will start to REALLY get along…

Greatland Kingdom
A large kingdom spread out across several islands.

[Glossary] Demon
Residents of Hell. Stronger than humans and can use magic.

Tools of Heaven
Weapons given by god to humanity in order to combat the demonic threat.

The popular name for people who fight against demons.

The year is 1887.
Humankind has been assailed by demonic invaders from hell. For a time, humanity’s future was uncertain… until brave soldiers arose who fought back the demons. These soldiers are called heroes.

One such hero, a man named Theo, has a goal in mind: take back the city of Manc from the demons who control it, the Halfas family. But the daughters of said family ended up being a lot cuter than he expected…

  • Censorship:Censored
  • Language:English
  • Developer: AVANTGARDE
  • Release Date: May/28/2022
  • Platform:Windows
  • Store: DLSITE

MegaUP DooDriveAnonfiles
Password: hentaku.info

Game crash when you open ? Please read this !
Make sure you setting like this in WinRAR before extracting: extract error

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