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In the near future, interdimensional portals known as “voids” unleash alien monsters on Earth. To counter this disaster, scientists create “Red Eye,” bioengineered warriors fusing human with alien DNA. Playing as Rin, a newly recruited “Red Eye” operative, embark on missions to repel the void’s invasion. Traverse from contaminated laboratories to toxic sewers, navigating a world altered by chaos. Can Rin save humanity from the void’s destruction? Enter a dark, unpredictable realm where alien creatures lurk in the shadows.

在不久的将来,被称为“虚空”的传送门在地球上释放出异形怪物。为了应对这场灾难,科学家创造了“红眼”,这是将人类胚胎与怪物DNA融合的生化战士。作为新选拔的“红眼”特工 –零雪,玩家将参与各种任务,以阻止虚空的入侵。从收容失效的实验室到剧毒的下水道,穿梭于混乱的前线。零雪是否能拯救人类免于虚空的破坏?进入黑暗,危机四伏的未知领域,异形生物在其中潜伏。

*This game features sexual and violent scenes, as well as depictions of grotesqueness.




*The background of the cover image, the background of the city in level 2, and the train texture in level 7 are AI generated.

This work was created partially with AI.

(English product description provided by the creator.)

  • Censorship:Censored
  • Language:Japanese
  • Developer: GuroGameGuy
  • Release Date: Jan/10/2024
  • Platform:Windows
  • Store: DLSITE
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Please spend time to read FAQs before downloading!

download hentai game Nyctophobia 2 [RJ01139248]

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Game crash when you open ? Please read this !

Make sure you setting like this in WinRAR before extracting:

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