NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ RJ01123284


NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ [RJ01123284]

Download NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ [RJ01123284]

The voice of gasping + climax voice + H sound effects are added to the H scene.

This work is an exploration type RPG without combat.

In the first half of the game, the heroines are free to go to school for 10 days before summer vacation x 50 turns of morning, noon, evening, and midnight, and they spend their daily life freely exploring Suo City where the heroines live, collecting flags to branch routes.

After the latter half of the route is determined, the scene is to watch the process of being deeply corrupted by the inter-men. (There is also a pure love route without H scenes.)

The theme of this work is that “good NTR starts from good pure love.

You can enjoy the difference between “seeing a very sweet pure love route and then being corrupted by the inter-men” or “I don’t need pure love, I want to start from the beginning.

Or, “I don’t need pure love, I’m going to corrupt you from the beginning! Play,

Or, “I’m a busy modern man, so I’ll use the full release switch for all my memories! You can also play “I don’t need pure love, I’m going to fall from the beginning!

Although it may be a bit forced, it is also possible to capture both men at the same time(?) in the first half of the game. It is also possible.
It is also possible to create a Shino who has experienced many things before the split.

–The main heroine, Shino Kurumazawa, is a young woman who has a lot of experience with men.

  • Censorship:Censored
  • Language:Japanese
  • Developer: engawamania
  • Release Date: Dec/31/2023
  • Platform:Windows
  • Store: DLSITE
NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ RJ01123284 RJ01123284 img main
NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ image 1
NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ image 2
NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ image 3
NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ image 4
NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ image 5
NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ image 6

Please spend time to read FAQs before downloading!

download hentai game NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ [RJ01123284]

Full Save Data:

Download at Hgame-savedata.top

Download Game:


Game crash when you open ? Please read this !

Make sure you setting like this in WinRAR before extracting:

NTRレRPG オチカノ ~僕だけだった君がオンナになった理由を教えて~ RJ01123284 extract error

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