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Origin Story [v0.1.0]

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Overview: Taking place twenty years after the Metagen-92 virus aka the Superflu has swept the world and rendered many of its adult population superpowered or mutated, Origin Story follows MC (name customizable), a seemingly normal nineteen-year-old struggling with his social status and his virginity, who is shunned by his peers due to his ability not yet manifesting. After the death of his parents when he was just a baby, he was raised by their close friend Parker Samson, an influential and beautiful woman who is now the co-owner of the lead organization behind Metagen research and development of the Metagen Vaccine.

  • Censorship:Censored
  • Language:English
  • Developer: JDOR
  • Release Date: 2023-12-01
  • Platform:Windows
Origin Story v0.1.0 HG1000054 main
Origin Story [v0.1.0] image 0
Origin Story [v0.1.0] image 1
Origin Story [v0.1.0] image 2
Origin Story [v0.1.0] image 3
Origin Story [v0.1.0] image 4
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Please spend time to read FAQs before downloading!

download hentai game Origin Story [v0.1.0]

Full Save Data:

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Game crash when you open ? Please read this !

Make sure you setting like this in WinRAR before extracting:

Origin Story v0.1.0 extract error

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