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Two years ago, Chiho married her boyfriend who had been with her since high school. They swore in the chapel and loved each other until death they parted from each other. After that, the newlyweds live a lovey-dovey life every day, with each other’s companions, and life is as sweet as honey. Everyone envy such a life…until then…
fairy tales don’t always have good endings. Princesses don’t always marry princes. A certain unexpected letter shattered her quiet life like a stone falling into the surface of a lake. It was a letter from the landlord requesting rent collection. Due to the financial burden, Chiho and the others have to find a new place to live. Shota was a very good husband and took great care of his wife Chiho. But Shota wasn’t a good office worker. He has been scolded by his boss for about three months already. The financial burden puts pressure on the two of them, and by a twist of fate, they find a notice posted by “you” looking for residents, and come to see a room at “you”‘s apartment. “You”‘s father ran a business when he was young, and bought these two apartments with the money he earned from his business. After his father passed away, “you” took over the two apartments. Even if you’re hanging out, the rent of one of those apartments is enough to make ends meet. As if your heart stopped beating when you saw this lovely married woman–the perfect body, the beautiful curves, and the simple yet naive-looking smile made you feel restless. rice field. Besides the excitement of discovering the prey, there is also a little bit of frustration and anger–How did such an ugly person find such a beautiful woman? Indecent plan, I want to taste her this time like what “you” used to do to the beautiful residents who used to live here. I will not let this plump prey escape.

But “you” know, their love is real. It’s not that easy to find a gap and capture it.Even if you’ve never made a mistake, you can’t let your prey escape, so you summoned her friend, the succubus Lilith. In fact, Lilith was already observing Chiho in the dark. Lilith was fed up with Chiho’s innocence. That’s why Lilith leaned on “you”. But not for nothing, Lilith made a deal. It is to capture this pure married woman with her carnal desires within 90 days and make her a prostitute anyone can do. Her most beautiful and sincere falls, giving Lilith her most delicious energy. If you fail, Lilith will take your soul and become her sacrifice.

Chiho certainly looks innocent now, but who knew what was lurking beneath that angelic face

  • Censorship:Censored
  • Language:English
  • Developer: Ntraholic
  • Release Date: Jan/17/2023
  • Platform:Windows
  • Store: DLSITE

MegaUP DooDriveAnonfiles

Password: hentaku.info

Game crash when you open ? Please read this !
Make sure you setting like this in WinRAR before extracting: extract error
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